Army of Two The Devils Cartel Crack

New release of Army of Two, the title of cooperative action whose development is borne by Visceral Games team after the saga Dead Space. Set in the city of Mexico, The Devil completo Cartel puts us in the shoes of the Alpha and Bravo, operations that will be involved in a bloody war between drug lords.
Army of Two the devils cartel crack
Quick Facts for AoT Devils Cartel Crack
  • Platform: Xbox 360
  • Also for: PS3
  • Available in: Shops / offer: buy it for only €66.95
  • Developer: Visceral Games
  • Distributor: EA
  • Genre: Action, Shooter
  • Players: 1-2 (Co-op: 2)
  • on March 27, 2013 (PG 18 +)
Army of Two series began with strength and gave us an experience perhaps predictable, but also inspired and with some mechanical management aimed at fostering the tactical and cooperative component. The second part wine to offer more of the same with some changes of interest, and now we have in our hands a third episode which not only starts showing dangerous signs of exhaustion, but it also is fraught with problems, bugs, and incidents of all kinds.

We followed The Devil completo Cartel rather optimistically thinking about what could be achieved with a backdrop as promising as the Mexican and the use of techniques of destruction of guaranteed brilliance by the employment of Frostbite 2, however all that is in the background. Importantly the gaming experience, and hence the title from Electronic Arts just consolidating itself as a discreet and uninspired product that is very difficult to recommend.

The script of The Devil’s Cartel crack is only one of the parts of the game, however it is so neglected as the rest of facets. It is especially puzzling decision to remove the role to Rios and Salem, and leave them relegated to a ridiculous and inexplicable role secondary. It is not that they were the two most charismatic heroes of the world precisely, but at least had some character and a fairly drawn personality. In the new Army of Two, they are replaced by Alpha and Bravo (sic), whose typical names already predict the kind of surface treatment that will receive its character.

The introduction presents in just a few minutes the new heroes carrying out a contract of escort on a personality of the political life of Mexico that goes wrong. Starting from there is standing a disconcerting flashback that serves as a tutorial, but which also introduces us to some of the challenges that we will have to face. Our enemies will be the members of the area drug cartels, and to use a more serious tone to tell what it tells us, the truth is that the result is not fully satisfactory result and generates soporific cinematics that tell us with abound in narrative aspects that do not interest us at all.

As always in these cases, we minimize the importance of the argument if you know put a fun and addictive experience above it, unfortunately it is not the case of an Army of Two that sacrifices very iconic aspects of the franchise in favor of a more basic and targeted approach. We have never found in this series a great freedom in the property Mappers, but yes we had scenarios that offered various types of route available, and they were used very clearly oriented mechanical to graphically reflect aspects such as fire suppression and its importance.

Almost all this disappears in a The Devil Cartel carrying forward any factor related to the depth or decision-making, and which replaces some other elements for basic replacements. The emphasis, instead, is on creating a cooperative experience so focused in more direct aspects that discourages completely to try to enjoy it alone. Partnering with a friend can be the whole made something more entertaining, feeling will be increased significantly in the event of violence lovers, although the collaborative aspects are more in our hands than in the few proposals that carry out their mechanical playable.

Campaign brings us along different missions for different backdrops in the area, and in fact provides us with some of them of some interest for its surprising component. The action in all of them is the same direct and rácana in terms of possibilities, but certainly not we can accuse the program not be varied in terms of the themes of these levels. The new Army of Two playable, the offer that Yes, boils down to this way history, whose only interest replayable comes enjoy it in one of three levels of difficulty, or in the room that is released at the end of it.

Although the game did not get some good reviews from other sites, we still think its a good game to play and so we give you crack for AoT Devils Cartel

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