CoasterVille Hack

coasterville hack

CoasterVille Hack

The current version of coasterville hack allows users to modify your park cash, coins, energy and thrill points.  Although the most important element is park cash, we still find the other in-game points to be necessary if you want to boost your gaming experience.

The tool is currently only compatible to google chrome and mozilla web browser.  Although the process of hacking coasterville continues to develop as new updates are added, the two supported browser should be sufficient for you to test it out and enjoy the facebook game.

coasterville hack 2013

As you can see from the picture above, using our tool, I added 780 cash to my account which worth $100.  But a word of advise, please do not abuse our tool so it won’t be detected and will work longer since our dev team is busy with some other projects.  Use this game cheat to take your game to the next level.

Instructions how to hack coasterville:

1. Download your tool from mediafire

2. Open your facebook account and log to your game

3. Open and run your game.

4. Wait for it to update for the latest version

5. Enter your desire values for park cash, coins, energy and thrill points

6. Run the program and wait for further instruction to complete the process.

7. The process of exploiting coasterville should be complete in less than 2 minutes.


current coasterville cheat tool: v.1.04.12


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  1. This is totally awesome. good job on the tool

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