Undetected CS 1.6 Aimbot

New UNDETECTED CS 1.6 Aimbot

CS 1.6 aimbotSeems most of the old CS 1.6 aimbot have already been detected.  So we took the liberty of creating a new aimbot.  Our new release HB aimbot for Counter Strike 1.6 is undetected and works perfect for the latest Counter Strike.

This classic game has always been my favorite game. The CS 1.6 is the latest update with some of the old bugs already fixed.

What makes this game still everybody’s favorite FPS is because of its multiplayer interaction and active community.  Being one of the first successful FPS-multiplayer, many have become comfortable playing with it.  Familiar maps, familiar game plays and strategies, familiar weapons and attack strategy and of course, ego boost of each player.

With HB CS 1.6 aimbot, you can be sure that you will dominate the game and always execute a clear head shoot and eliminate your enemies with a single shot.

Download Instructions and How To Run HB CS Aimbot

  • Download the aimbot
  • Unpack and Install
  • Run Counter Strike
  • Open HB CS Aimbot
  • Configure to your desired specs
  • Kill and eliminate all your enemies
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