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Latest Dragon City Cheats

Dragon City cheatsLooking for the latest Dragon City Cheats? I don’t know if the 2010 Movie “How to train Your Dragon” have much influence on the makers of this facebook game. But regardless of the answers, this game is simply another hit on most people who love to hang out in facebook. Unlike conventional games from zynga, this game does not require energy which really hold you from playing some more like the farmville or coasterville. Good thing we have the coasterville hack so you can easily add more energy and continue playing.  Of course, we have already developed a number of game cheats, be it for facebook or other browser games.

So basically, this games is like you are the owner and keeper of dragons. You take care of them, feed them, and train them. If you want more dragons, you breed them and raise more. And if you want gold, you can sell them. And once you have trained your dragons, you can started and compete by playing with friends and let your dragons go to the battle arena.

Dragon City Free Eggs and Food

If you are just starting out with Dragon City, then go and collect this free stuffs HERE:

cheat dragon city

Ultimate Dragon City Cheats

Of course this free stuff are never considered an overwhelming cheat especially for advance gamers like you.  That is why we devices a software that you can use so you can manipulate and exploit the system.

This is our HB Dragon Cheater Tool.  Our dev team has coded a software that will allow you to harvest free gems and gold from the game server without having to buy or pay a single dime.  Although still on beta mode as the server is always updating, our latest version has already been successful for the past 2 weeks.

Here’s a screenshot:


dragon city cheats

After running our game hack tool, approximately 100k gold was added to my account. Pretty cool ha! ;)

dragon city cheats 2013

If you are interested in our new way how to cheat Dragon City, then you can go to the download page and test the beta tool.  It is totally undetected and keeps your account from getting banned.  But of course if you are still a bit skeptical about the safety of your account, then test it on a dummy account and see for yourself.

Best part, ENJOY the game coz this tool was created for your pure gaming pleasure.


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