Ever Wondered How To Get Free IMVU Credits?

Let me show you some tricky way to get free IMVU Credits.  You might be wondering if this is some kind of an imvu credit hack.  But before we answer that question, what is imvu?

What is IMVU

Many would say it is the worlds best and greatest 3D chat system and I would definitely agree. I provides you with so many options like creating your very own 3D avatars, and make them do all sorts of activities that lets you interact with someone elses avatar. And did I mention you can dress them too?

And if you are a developer like me, you can create your own custom clothes or hair style for girls and sell them for credits. Now, you can turn credits into REAL MONEY if you are a developer. I know a lot of pretty talented developers who earn $$$ from selling this custom items.

And yeah, its pretty cool to be a member of IMVU. Its free to join and you start out with about 3,000 credits to spend on hair, eyes, clothes, shoes, or anything you want!

How to Get Free IMVU Credits

free imvu credits

get free imvu credits

Now for the most wanted thing in imvu — Credits.  There are some ways that you can earn credits by completing surveys inside for 1000 credits or doing the basic beginners stuff such us watching a vid, installing the toolbar, giving feedback, referring a friend, liking their fanpage and other stuff, but I guess you all know this already and its pretty boring.  The exciting part is using your own credit maker that does all the above mentioned for you so you don’t have to fill up those surveys everyday.  Our tool will login to you account and gather all the available offers from vids to surveys without you doing a single thing.  Don’t worry about the phone number part.  We have some pretty tricks up our sleeves that lets you the confirmation codes without using any of your real mobile number.  Depending on the available offers for the day, you probably will get between 2k to 5k credits a day.  Simply run our tool and it will gather the work to be done and complete all the work for you.  Sort of your virtual secretary or something.  Enjoy!

Watch the vid for proof

So, if ever you are still wondering how to get free credits on imvu without doing surveys, then the simple answer is actually a bot.  If you want to test this tool, just click on the download button


download free

Game cheat tools are also available free to download.

Update: 08-10-13

  • version 3.5 released
  • new GUI
  • errors 505 fixed
  • new set of proxies added
  • new option to add your own private proxy
  • new delay time and sleep mode

Update: 06-23-13

  • fixed connection errors
  • Error 2305 fixed
  • updated proxy gathering
  • blocked non working ips
  • updated delay time to emulate human like action

IMVU Credit Hack
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