Fast And Furious Showdown Crack

fast and furious showdown crack


Wassup gaming fans! On our last post we released Injustice: Gods Among Us Crack for our HB fans.  And we definitely agree that we were a bit late for that game.   So this time we are making up for it.

With the upcoming movie series Fast and furious 6, also games another game for hardcore 2F2F fans.  Like all its previous releases, the franchises is again ready to surprise the gaming community who just love to drive cars at home. (and its a lot safer and cheaper. lol)

Fast and Furious Showdown just released last May  14, 2013 and is ready to hit the market.  This is another movie-tie-in-game strategy for the producers and developer to earn more cash on the release date.  So when you play the game, you can be sure that all the shootouts and dramas are closely related to the movie although you can take several roles through out the game.

Another cool strategy of the game is that you always play it as a crew either with your friends or with the game’s AI.

So are you ready? Download it through the link below.


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Fast and Furious Showdown Crack
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