PrizeRebel Hack

We know what you feel and we at hackbud knows how tiresome it is to complete a number of surveys just to get a handful of points. Well, have you heard of a PrizeRebel Hack?  One that lets you set and forget while you do other things instead of answering and completing a number of task.

That’s the good news for you.  A couple of month ago, we received a number of request from our hackbud fans for a bot that lets you generate points.  Kind of a prizerebel points hack but actually its not a hack.  It is just a bot that gathers all the existing tasks available in your area, (this of course includes surveys because this are the ones that yield more points), and works on the background of your computer and completes all this task for you.  Now that’s is fruitful, right.  Kinda similar to our swagbucks hack bot and points2shop hack that gathers points and credits for you automatically.

Ok, you ready?  But before you get started, let me show you an example.  I just created a dummy account for this purpose.  So my new account is close to zero points or atleast it has 10 points.  Oh by the way, before I forget, be sure to have some few points in your account. Or atleast it is not zero to avoid your activities from being traced.  One or two task done manually is good enough and yes, any tasks within the prizerebel activity zone is fine.  So the screen shot below shows you my account with 10 points.

prizerebel hack

Using our bot tool, you simple login your details and minimize it to your tray and let it do its thing.  Since I am targeting for a free psn card, I need 1000 point.  After running it for a few hours, I reached the 1000 points.

prizerebel points hack

The bot has several features. One of which is that you can set the target points for it to run.  In this case, I set it to 1000 points so when it passes that amount, it automatically stops and closes.

prizerebel bot

If you need this bot, you can access the download page for free through the link below.

download free 01

PrizeRebel Hack
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