Steam Wallet Adder – Need To Add Fund To Your Steam Wallet?

Why you need a Steam Wallet Adder

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What is a Steam Wallet Money Generator?

A steam wallet adder is a tool used to force inject codes into the server of store.steam resulting to addition of money to your status.  This amount however should be used immediately to purchase steam games before they security system detects the addition of new funds to your account.  It takes about 30+ minutes or sometimes a shorter time before the system detects it.

The tool is very user-friendly and easy to use.  You simply have to download the tool, which I will provide the link below, unzip it and run the tool.  It is compatible to windows and mac OS.

Need To Add Fund To Your Steam Wallet?

steam wallet money generator

Don’t you ever wish your current wallet balance was not zero?  Well, your wish is about to come true as I show you how I get free games on steam with this crazy tool!

How To Use My Steam Wallet Money Adder

steam wallet money adder

When you run your steam wallet money adder, you are prompted to update it so that the tool can download the latest configurations as well as search for new proxies that will be used to hide you activities in steam.

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after updating your tool, which just take a few minutes depending on your location and your connection speed, you will be prompted to enter your steam username.  Take note that unlike other tool which where created solely to steal your steam account, this tool does not require you to enter your password but only your username to connect to your profile inside the steam store because it retrieves the login encrypted information from your web browser when you logged in to your account.  And that is why your account is totally safe.

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After you are connected, you will now be asked to add funds to your steam wallet.  I suggest you pick the $100 so you can buy the hottest games on steam and download them quickly.

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After the tool completes you’ll have to wait a few minutes and check your steam wallet funds. In my case, it takes roughly about 2-5 minutes before i see my free steam wallet money.  Then quickly purchase the hottest and featured games on steam.

Be sure to watch the video so you will see live proof that this tool works like a charm.

And yes, this is also a steam wallet adder for mac.



log update: 08-10-13

  • Released ver.
  • New Gui for user friendly interface
  • new option to add private proxy
  • fixed old error 4220

log update: 5-04-13

  • Fixed connection to game error 4215
  • new database for gathered proxies
  • blocked non working ips
  • new and user-friendly GUI


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