SwagBucks Hack 2013

Swagbucks Hack
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Swagbucks Hack 2013


What is swagbucks? And why are people looking for a hack to this site?  It is actually a site that awards its members with free items like a microsoft card, or an itunes card or even stuff like playstation 3 or xbox360.

Getting into swagbucks and becoming a member is actually easy since it is free.  The hard part is gathering the swagbucks points.  Members have to complete certain tasks and earn a corresponding SB points.  Problem is most of the tasks only give a very small point, although this are the easy tasks.  The harder tasks involve filling up surveys and completing certain offers and if you are not careful, could get you some charges on your credit card.  You see, for every survey you complete, swagbucks also earn a certain amount of money, and for that, they give you back something.

Check the picture below and see what free items you can possibly get for free from swagbucks.

swagbucks hack

As you can see, you can get and be rewarded with a 40 inch Samsung tv, an Apple iPad Mini, a paypal gift card, a walmart gift card, etc.  There are many more amazing stuff that you can get from t-shirts, gadgets, gadgets and whole load of rewards.

But as you can see, it requires 41,250 SB points to earn an ipad mini.  That means you have to complete a load of tasks to earn that points.

That’s where our tool comes in.  Our HB Swagbucks Hack bot will help you gain and earn free credits without you having to do all the dirty work.  You simply load it, run behind your task manager while you do your regular stuff of browsing the net, checking your friends of facebook, instagram, twitter or pinterest.  After a day or two, you will have already gained a substantial number of swag bucks points that you can use and redeem for free stuff.

Look at my swagbucks points after running the bot for 3 days.  I did not even try to touch it.  Apple iPad, come to papa!! hahaha!

swagbucks hack 2013

If you wanna try the Swagbucks Bot, you can download it throught the link below.  We also have a number of game cheats that you can check at our homepage.



Update: version has been released

  • Fixed errors when connecting to server
  • added new proxy group
  • option to add your own private proxy
  • time out added
  • more sleep options added
  • new newbie friendly GUI


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  1. Lasha /

    This is really awesome. I can’t imagine this actually works. how come i never discovered this before

  2. eric /

    Why are you doing this. hahaha thanks you!

  3. You must be crazy to share this. lol thanks

  4. jacob /

    Got my second code!!! You guys are simply amazing

  5. jane /

    Agree with tim. You guys should put this in a private section or something

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