Wifi Hack – How To Hack Wifi

wifi hack

Wifi Hack – How To Hack Wifi

Having a wifi hack tool is very useful especially when you are traveling from places and you need to connect to the internet.  Sure internet access is always available via phone, but it also comes with a high price tag. I use to do this back then when I needed to connect my laptop to the net.  So I would search for available wifi spots in my area and try to decrypt the password.

A simple solution that I have found is to use a wifi hack android app. Our Dev Team took some time developing this app and had to go through a long period of beta testing.  This app when activated, would search for available hot spots and attempt to pass through the gateways password so you can gain access.

We also developed a wifi hack software  for windows and is currently capable of cracking down WPA, WPA2 or WEP Hack.  So when traveling to your favorite places and you feel the need to hack your neighbors wifi, then you can easily do so with the simple click of a button.

How to Use Your Free Wifi Hack Software:

  • Download our HB wifi hack tools (for windows and android app, included is for mac but still on beta)
  • Unpack and install (files are located in separate folders)
  • Run and stat wardriving or Search for an available hot spot
  • Hit the “Connect” button and wait for the tool or app to show the green color which means you are now connected.



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